Bitcoin can be an important tool for learning about economics and computer science, especially as the broken education system struggles through the COVID-19 pandemic. As Mark Twain once said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” 

Back to school book shopping guide for learning all about bitcoin.

Your back-to-school shopping guide should include books about Bitcoin. 

Luckily, the Bitcoin Magazine store offers all of the books and devices you need for a self-sovereign education, starting with “Bitcoin Money: A Tale Of Bitville Discovering Good Money” for children as young as four.

For teenagers, you can set up a Bitcoin node with them for a hands-on lesson about computer science. Once you have the basic tools and hardware devices, including a full node and a bitcoin wallet, there are plenty of free open-source Bitcoin projects that teens can use to learn about coding as well.  

Open-source bitcoin projects offer many ways to learn about computer science. 

And, of course, no teenager’s Bitcoin curriculum would be complete without “The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative To Central Banking.” If you’re already considering homeschooling, there’s a wide range of books in our store that you can assign for original book reports and other projects for English class.

Meanwhile, university students can basically give themselves a PhD in Bitcoin just by reading our whole curriculum of top books about bitcoin. In terms of economic history textbooks, we recommend starting with “The Sovereign Individual: Mastering The Transition To The Information Age.” As for computer science, we recommend starting with “Programming Bitcoin: Learn How to Program Bitcoin From Scratch.” And, if coffee or tea helps you get in the zone while studying, don’t forget your Laserflip mug for good luck. 

The Bitcoin Magazine store offers all the school supplies you need to learn about bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Magazine store has all the school supplies you need to learn about digital money.

Prioritize your own self-sovereignty by getting the educational resources you need to learn all about Bitcoin. For more tools along the way, everything from hardware wallets to Bitcoin swag, it’s all available in our store. Enjoy your year of self-sovereign education!