Green Bay Packers legend, quarterback Aaron Rodgers, announced today on Twitter that he has partnered with Cash App to take a portion of his NFL salary in bitcoin. Rodgers also shared that he’s giving out $1,000,000 in bitcoin to his fans in the comment section of his announcement.

Rodgers did not share any details on how much of his salary he’s chosen to accept in bitcoin. According to Spotrac, he makes an average annual salary of $33,500,000.

“I believe in bitcoin and the future is bright,” said the football superstar. Bitcoin offers Rodgers and his athlete companions a vehicle to store their wealth into the future without seeing their purchasing power decrease. Though Rodgers may make a lot more money than the average joe, he is still victim to the consequences of money printing and inflation. Since it is impossible to store wealth in fiat currency long term, athletes are moving to bitcoin as a solution.

Rodgers is the latest NFL player to accept bitcoin as payment for his services on the field, following North Carolina Panther Russel Okung and free agent Sean Culkin who both took the leap in the past year. Athletes saving their wealth in bitcoin helps to assure their financial safety and independence as they get older. Since there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin created and no way to mine more, they sleep at night knowing that no government or person is devaluing their purchasing power by expanding the monetary supply.

The famous quarterback has a very large reach on social media having built up a following on Twitter of over 4.4 million. This announcement is sure to make headlines all around the nation as he is just the latest big name star to begin the process of opting out of fiat currency for the financial revolution that is bitcoin. It is a post sure to grab the attention of many of his followers who are not already into bitcoin, and get them curious as to why he’s placing his hard-earned income into it. Moments like this are what really help lead the world towards mass adoption of bitcoin.