purpose-built Lightning Network company launches new accessible platform | by heidi


Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is a layer-2 solution providing scalability to the Bitcoin network itself. It offers faster and cheaper transactions while providing users with a way to buy simple products and services such as coffee with their digital assets. 

The Lightning Network is growing at a rapid pace, one group that is contributing to the expansion of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is LQwD FinTech Corp (TSXV: LQWD, OTC: LQWDF).

Building the Lightning Network

LQwD FinTech Corp, a Lightning Network-centric technology company, has recently launched its Lightning Network platform after revealing its plans to provide an enterprise-grade infrastructure and toolset for Lightning Network development. The platform offers easy access to Lightning, ensuring investors and other interested parties can experience the future of Bitcoin (BTC).

This launch marks one of the ecosystem’s first scalable Lightning platforms capable of Visa-level transaction volumes. With it, users can easily launch and manage Lightning Network nodes, create efficient Lightning Network channels, transact securely, and manage liquidity in a more structured manner.  

LQwD’s footprint in the lightning network is accelerating quickly, and with plans to open several more nodes, this break-neck pace should continue.

LQwD hopes its platform will accelerate the mainstream adoption of the Lightning Network and Bitcoin as a whole. Alongside LQwD’s platform launch are two partnerships with Breez and Netcoins.ca. 


Breez is a leading Lightning Network service provider that will add LQwD as a liquidity partner within its services. At the same time, LQwD will offer liquidity services to Breez’ clients and run at least one of its routing nodes.

Netcoins.ca is a top Canadian crypto trading platform and a subsidiary of BIGG Digital Assets. This agreement will see Netcoins establishing and running a node within LQwD’s Lighting platform and serve as a liquidity provider for Coincurve.com, a digital assets platform run by LQwD. Finally, BIGG will offer top-tier, government-approved compliance software to LQwD and its digital assets platform.

As of this launch, LQwD is the only publicly-listed Lightning Network company on the market. Such a development comes at a time when the Lightning Network is experiencing extreme growth, and the team holds 150 Bitcoin within its treasury to assist in operating channels and nodes within the Lightning Network.

LQwD’s future plans include securing additional market share and acquiring more Bitcoin for its platform and holding purposes. It also plans to expand into the Lightning Network ecosystem and decentralized finance (DeFi) as a whole to grow its market share even more.